We believe that locally developed and supported institutions can best address the needs of their community and Foundation for Women’s Advacement seeks such programs to fund.

Foundation for Women's Advancement is an independent non-profit organization chartered in the United States in 2008.  We collaborate with local organizations on a global scale to empower women within their communities. The foundation currently funds educational programs in countries across six continents- Cameroon, Guatemala, Kenya, Lithuania, Slovenia, the Philippines, Poland, and the United States- that provide professional skills and training, high school/college scholarships, character development, and more.



In partnership with local organizations, the Foundation for Women's Advancement seeks to identify, develop, and fund educational programs that enable girls and women to advance their social, cultural, and economic potential within their communities.


The Foundation for Women's Advancement leads the way to sustainable social and economic development in communities around the world through our unique, integral approach to development.

Foundatio For Womens Advancement


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Our programs:

  • Focus on the whole person, i.e., they view girls and women in an integral manner
  • Enable girls and women to discover and live according to their inherent dignity
  • Originate and develop locally within communities
  • Have a proven record of success and extended community impact
  • Command local support, which helps ensure long-term sustainability of the programs
  • Require that those who benefit from the program pay part of the cost and give back to their communities.
Our priority is to ensure that the programs become self-sufficient and excel in transparency and accountability in the use of funds.


In addition to funding, the Foundation:

  • Strengthens the programs it identifies
  • Expands their effectiveness and community impact
  • Provides management skills
  • Strengthens their institutional procedures for accountability
  • Develops international and local cooperation.
  • Maria Sophia Aguirre, Ph.D. - President
    Ordinary Professor of Economics
    The Catholic University of America

  • Isabelita Santiagostino, J.D., L.L.M - Secretary
    Women, Business, and the Law
    IFC, World Bank Group

  • Mary Njai, M.B.A., C.P.A., Treasurer
    Professor of Accounting
    The Catholic University of America

  • Maricel Heeter, M.A.
    Director, Proyecto Iuventus

  • Charles P. Heeter, Jr.
    Chairman (Ret.), Business and Industry Advisory Committee, OECD

  • Elizabeth Lee
    Vice-President, J.P. Morgan

  • Mary Heath McDeavitt
    University Boulevard

  • Dorothy Maloney, Trustee
    Clevemont Center

  • Belita Paterno, J.D., L.L.M
    Consultant (Ret.), IFC, World Bank Group

  • Maria Pomez Gomez, M.A.
    Senior Consultant, IC International

  • Jackie Taylor, Trustee
    Rosemoor Foundation

  • Ana Bethencourt Yrausquin
    Resident in Counseling

  • Juan Enrique Yrausquin, J.D., L.L.M
    Capital One