Program Title:
Empowering Women in Lithuania from Teenager to Woman Program

Kaunas, Lithuania

Requested NGO and Partner:
Public Institution Empowering Women in Lithuania from Teenager to Woman Program

Program Summary:

Slenis Cultural Center serves young Lithuanians in the city of Kaunas, which has over 35,000 college students attending its 7 universities.  Offering seminars and workshops for women, from young girls to mothers to professional women, Slenis’ mission is to motivate the active participation of young women of Kaunas and other cities in Lithuania in the public life of the community in issues related to social awareness and women’s rights.

The Foundation has partnered with Slenis to offer a specific program focused on educating young women ages 10-25,  Empowering Women in Lithuania, From Teenager to Woman. It focuses on educating young women in three key topics:

Leadership and Social Responsibility


Women’s rights

Slenis aims to counter the lack of initiative and passivity found among too many youth in Lithuania today.  The young generation is open to a change and new way of thinking only if it is well informed, educated and directed towards free and responsible participation in society, and this is where Slenis works to make a difference, one person at a time. 



Total girls and families impacted: 400

Total students enrolled in Slenis: 100


“I realized now, thanks to Slenis, that my country needs young women to take an active part in society.  I am encouraged by knowing I can count on my friends at Slenis to help me meet this need."