Program Title:
Sorawell Professional Training Center for Women, Cameroon

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Requested NGO and Partner:
Association pour la Promotion de la Femme (APF) Sorawell Professional

Foundation Womens Advancement, Programs Cameroon

Program Summary:

The women of Cameroon face serious challenges directly related to poverty and geographical location. The severe lack of access to education, especially for women in rural areas, has kept poverty rates high. In 2007, only 50.5% of girls in the corresponding age group completed primary school (most current statistics available). These women are forced to discontinue their education at a young age due to poverty-related factors. They are not only subject to a continued life of poverty, but also suffer from AIDS, prostitution, violence, poor hygiene, and early pregnancy, which have high risks of ending in maternal death.

Resolving to help women out of this situation, Foundation for Women's Advancement has partnered with the Association pour la Promotion de la Femme (APF) by supporting one of APF's initiatives in Yaounde, Cameroon: Sorawell Professional Training Center for Women. The Foundation supports Sorawell's unique and successful program that directly addresses the problems surrounding young women's lack of access to education and employment. Since 2004, Sorawell has reached over 900 lives a year through their 3-year program for enrolled students, as well as short-term technical training classes and seminars for women living in surrounding areas.

The three-year program has grown to accommodate 45 students. The curriculum for this program is broken into three main categories: general education, practical training, and business administration. General education includes: health and hygiene, nutrition, AIDS education, language, science, history, and writing and grammar. Practical training involves exercising skills in the culinary arts, international cuisine, menu preparation, and guest services. Business administration includes classes in accounting, inventory, financial planning, business ethics, and management.

Foundation for Women's Advancement and Sorawell are dedicated to enabling women to protect their own human dignity and reach a higher standard of living through hard work, education, and professional training. This program gives women the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and technical skills that will ultimately contribute to ending the cycle of poverty, and all them to take the initiative towards leading an independent life, free from discrimination, abuse, and exploitation.

By giving these women the necessary tools of education and expertise, we enable them to become productive self-governing citizens, with an understanding of their personal responsibility in the social, civil, political, economic, and moral decisions that shape their own lives. We empower them to reverse their plight- and that of generations to come- because of the multiplying effect that they have on their families and communities.



Total girls and families impacted: 530

Total students enrolled in Sorowell: 55


“Sorowell has transformed me and my life.  I have now a business, can give work to others, and help my sisters have the same opportunity I had."

Sorawell Professional Training Center by Gabriel Bindzi