Program Title:
Kabataan ('Youth') High School Girls Philippine Program

Metropolitan Manila, Philippines

Requested NGO and Partner:
People Engaged in People Project, Inc (PEPPI), Metro Manila

Program Summary:

With over 46,000 people per square mile, Metro Manila, Philippines is the world's most densely populated city. For the thousands of impoverished families living in cramped conditions, access to food, clean water and primary healthcare is a constant and difficult challenge. As a result, many children must neglect their schoolwork in order to earn a livelihood for the immediate basic needs of their families, and sacrifice the chance to advance to college or vocational schools.

Foundation Womens Advancement, Programs Philippines

Since its inception in 2006, the Kabataan (“Youth”) Program has been helping socioeconomically disadvantaged high school girls to bridge the gap between earning a livelihood and successfully completing their education. Through various programs focusing on character development and one-on-one life coaching, Kabataan has directly assisted nearly 300 girls and their families in the poorest of Manila communities to actively pursue academic success, self-sufficiency for themselves and their families, and a quality of life consistent with their sense of human dignity. Today, Kabataan continues to work toward helping young girls:

face the daily challenges of student life in the context of disadvantaged economic conditions, family demands and responsibilities; improve their economic well-being as well as that of their families through education; open their minds to the pursuit of alternate courses when the usual 4-year college courses are not feasible; assist them in securing scholarships through solicitations/networking with schools, foundations and individuals.

With your help, Foundation for Women's Advancement is partnering with Kabataan to provide:

  • Educational materials for high schoolers;

  • Training programs for mentors/counselors, a key element in the project;

  • More educational/developmental activities, e.g. 4-5 day summer camps;

  • Scholarships for Kabataan graduating members toward college;

  • Financial assistance for textbooks, educational materials and transportation to Kabataan graduates who have been accepted to vocational schools;

  • The expansion of Kabataan programs to more schools and locations.

Foundation Womens Advancement, Programs Philippines

The KABATAAN PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS’ PROGRAM is a project of PEOPLE ENGAGED IN PEOPLE PROJECT INC. (PEPPI) a non-stock and non-profit organization, which was established in 1990 and duly accredited by Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC), registered in Securities and Exchange Commission and Bureau of Internal Revenue as donee institution.



Total number of women and their families impacted:  1120
Total number of girls: 280


I have a very difficult life.  Often I go
to school hungry because there is no
food in the house. My mother is
jobless; my father is an Overseas
Filipino Worker (OFW) who is still
too deep in debt for the fees he had to
pay to get his job. Often I just look
forward to my friends treating me in
school since they know how my life
is. Some months I am so troubled by
the situation in our family – financial
and emotional, that my class standing
is affected. Thanks to my “Titas” in
Kabataan I am able to carry on in
spite of the big problems I have. The
lessons on perseverance, fortitude,
faith and hope have helped me face
situations with a strong heart."