Program Title:
Central European Civic Development Project: Slovenian Program

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Requested NGO and Partner:

Sorawell Professional Training Center

Program Summary:

SLOVENIA is one of the countries in our Central & Eastern European Civic Development Project (CEECD). Foundation SCA support will help girls, university students, and young professional women in post-communist societies become productive self-governing citizens, with an understanding of their personal responsibility in the social, civic, political, economic, cultural and moral decisions that shape their own lives, the lives of their families, their community, and society.  This project gives girls and young women in Central and Eastern Europe the skills, confidence, and education they need to become catalysts in cultivating genuine citizenship, civic involvement, moral character, and personal responsibility as young citizens of their country and as a new generation of Europeans.

Foundation Womens Advancement, Programs Philippines

To best cultivate civic engagement at the local level, Foundation for Women's Advancement has partnered with locally-born civic-oriented education, leadership, and character development programs for girls and young women in the region.  The Central & Eastern European Civic Development project is designed to help build the local capacity of these organizations without creating long-term dependency.  

Through the CEECD project, the Foundation has partnered with two cultural centers: Stowarzyszenie Podnoszenia Kwalifikacji Kobiet (SPKK) in Warsaw, Poland and Vintgar in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  Each of these centers has a proven track record of success, has commanded local support in the community, and demonstrated extended community impact through their programs.  To best foster a strong sense of personal investment by participants, the CEECD project requires that all participants make a contribution relative to their means as well as give back through service in their communities.   

To continue Central and Eastern Europe’s revival and encourage a renaissance of the region’s traditions, rich heritage and cultural identity, CEECD programs focus on promoting creativity and fostering hope, joy, and optimism, and a pro-active approach to the society in which they live. To recuperate lost civic structures and cultivate a vigorous sense of citizenship, the CEECD project engages participants as well as local communities on multiples levels: through intellectual and cultural formation, freedom and anthropological formation, spirit of service and respect for the person.



Total girls and families impacted: 600

Total students enrolled in Vintgar: 200


“Vintgar has helped me developed the skills, to grow in confidence, and be serious about my education, so I can become a catalysts of change among the young citizens in my country"