The Foundation for Women's Advancement First Virtual Benefit

Join us Friday, October 28 for the First Virtual Benefit: Building Bridges to Opportunity in Kenya

This year our benefit will be held in a different style than usual. Unlike traditional benefits, ours will not have a formal location. Instead, we invite all our supporters to reflect on the work we have done thus far from the comfort of your homes.

We have chosen to do this because instead of spending money on the event, we want to ensure that 100% of your donations go directly to our programs. By saving costs on the venue, dress, and catering, we can put more resources into helping the lives of girls and women across the globe.

GET YOUR TICKET TODAY! We invite you to join us on Friday, October 28th to reflect on the progress that we have made and look forward to our plans for the future, particularly in our entrepreneurial program for women in Kenya. Click here to make your donation for the Foundation for Women's Advancement 2016 Benefit and help women across the globe.